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New Faculty Elected to SSC and ELAC
Thank you to the staff that voiced their desires to join SSC and ELAC and to those who came to vote. Congratulations to the following teachers who will serve on School Site Council this year: Ms. Jensen, Mr. Pickett, Mr. Rosenfeld, and Mr. Serrano. Also, congratulations to Mrs. Cuadra who will serve on SSC as the "other staff" member. Finally, congratulations are in order to our staff that were voted in as members of the English Learner Advisory Committee: Mrs. Barnett, Mrs. Cuadra, and Mr. Serrano.
Annual Title 1 Meeting & SSC/ELAC Orientation
Parents and community members are invited to the parent center on September 12th at 11:05 A.M. In addition to learning about categorical funds, we will explain how parents can become actively involved in the decisions made towards Panorama's Single Plan for Student Achievement. We will hold orientations and elections for parents interested in joining School Site Council and/or the English Learner Advisory Committee.
MISIS Grade Book User's Guide
Teachers may use this guide for access to using MISIS Grade Book
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New Parents Elected to SSC and ELAC
Thank you to the parents that attended Panorama's Orientations and Elections for School Site Council and the English Learner Advisory Committee. Based upon your votes the following parents were elected to serve on School Site Council this year: Juan Amaya, Otilia Navarro, and Patricia Razo. Congratulations are also in order to Alma Alvarez, Ofelia Brenes, Susana Guerra, Roxanna Martinez, Dayssi Melendez, Otilia Navarro, and Maria Elena Paniggua who will be serving as members of Panorama's ELAC.
Faculty SSC/ELAC Orientation and Membership Elections 9/3/14 11:14 AM
Teachers and other staff are welcomed to the auditorium Wednesday Sept. 3rd at lunch to receive information regarding School Site Council and the English Learner Advisory Committee, hear speeches from those that were nominated, and to vote for new members.
Class of 2015 Senior Contracts are available now! Click here for the contract.
Seniors need to submit to Ms. Allford in B103.
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Upcoming Events

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CELDT LTEL Library Pd 1-2 [Cuadra/Oren]
Date: 9/30/2014
Location: Library
CELDT LTEL pd. 4-6 Auditorium [Cuadra/Oren]
Date: 9/30/2014
Location: Auditorium
CELDT LTEL in A302 [Cuadra/Oren]
Date: 9/30/2014, 8 AM 3 PM
Location: A302
Professional Development (Whole Group)
Date: 9/30/2014, 1:40 PM 3 PM
Location: Library
CELDT LTEL Library Pd 1-2 [Cuadra/Oren]
Date: 10/1/2014
Location: Library

Athletic Calendar

X Treme Soccer
Date: 9/30/2014, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: PHS Field
X- Country Varsity vs Kennedy HIgh School
Date: 10/1/2014, 2:30 PM 5 PM
Location: Pierce College
Boys Water Polo Varsity @ Birmingham HS
Date: 10/1/2014, 3 PM 4 PM
Location: Birmingham High School
S & O Prk & Rec BBll
Date: 10/1/2014, 6 PM 9 PM
Location: PHS SG
X Treme Soccer
Date: 10/1/2014, 6 PM 8 PM
Location: PHS Field