Panorama High School

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Diary of Anne Frank - Play

The Diary of Anne Frank will be presented at our Panorama High School auditorium on April 27 and 28. Each showing begins at 6 pm.

Anne starts out in the play as an excitable thirteen-year-old child but grows into a young lady toward the end of the play, who is full of hopes, dreams, and a realistic, forgiving attitude towards life. Part of Anne’s transformation has to do with her relationship with Peter Van Daan, the shy, introspective sixteen-year old son of the Van Daans, and the growth of their relationship over their two years living in the secret annex.
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College Going Culture

In developing a college and career ready mindset, our students are participating in the following: On March 20th and 30th students will have the opportunity to interact with representatives from Woodbury University and Pierce College. Gear Up is taking our Ninth Grade students to a tour of CSUN and our 11th Grade Class will be having their Award/Career Night on March 30.
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UC Santa Barabara Outreach

UC Santa Barbara is having their 18th annual College Link Outreach Program. Their mission is to assist low-income students from underrepresented groups attain a post secondary education.
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