Panorama High School

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Panorama High School COST serves as tiered & coordinated approach that systematically identifies at-risk students, develops comprehensive multidisciplinary intervention plans, and regularly monitors student progress.
The Coordination of Services Team at Panorama High School will review SCHOOL-WIDE data using the problem solving process to identify school-wide problems and identify gaps between student need and student supports.

COST also identifies students that need Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports and interventions.

The COST process makes data based decisions regarding what students receive which supports and interventions. It then links students to programs and people.

The Coordination of Services Team will also monitor whether students access the intervention or support, the student’s progress using data, and evaluates the effectiveness of the intervention and/or support.

COST is scheduled to meet every Wednesday and will assign roles and responsibilities to each member so that each of these functions can occur on a regular basis.