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Class of 2018 (11th Grade) » Class of 2018 (11th Grade)

Class of 2018 (11th Grade)

11th Grade Academy
It is the mission of the Eleventh Grade Academy to assist juniors in achieving their personal and academic goals and in deciding and preparing for their future within the framework of a college bound and career ready culture.
Goal: Meeting Common Core State Standards.
Starting in 2015, students will need to complete the Common Core State Standards assessment as a requirement for high school graduation. The staff in the 11th Grade Academy will work to ensure that all students are prepared for and will meet the Common Core State Standards assessment.
College Bound and Career Ready Culture: The staff of the 11th Grade Academy will continue the work to assist students in developing goals for life after Panorama High School. Part of that process is having all students desiring college admission complete the SAT or ACT during the 11th grade year to further the goal of college attendance a reality.
Credit Recovery: Based on current data, a failure rate of 40% in core classes at the ninth and tenth grade requires additional opportunities for students to make up credits. While it is anticipated that the work of the 9th and 10th Grade Academies will reduce the failure rate in core classes, there needs to be a system in place to ensure all students can transition to 12th grade in their fourth year, to improve on the 62.5% graduation rate for 4-year cohort that graduated in 2011.
Vertical Aspects- Completion of A-G requirements for grade level
Honors/AP: provide the foundations for a stronger AP program by teachers collaborating across grade levels to identify and develop students that will be successful in a more rigorous curriculum.
School-wide: Vertical meeting within departments
College Preparation: SAT/ACT
Service Learning
Common Core assessments
Exploration of post-secondary opportunities