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Class of 2017 (12th Grade) » Class of 2017 (12th Grade)

Class of 2017 (12th Grade)

12th Grade Academy
It is the mission of the Twelfth Grade Academy to assist Python seniors in achieving their personal and academic goals and in deciding and preparing for their future within the framework of a college bound and career ready culture.
Goal: Support a successful transition to a post secondary option.
Create Learning Projects/Senior Projects that encapsulate our Expected School-wide Learning Results for developing students that are effective communicators, critical thinkers and active individuals that propels them to become life-long learners. With the guidance of 12th Grade Academy staff, students select the themes of these projects that will demonstrate their mastery of high school standards and their readiness for entry to college and the work force.
College Bound and Career Ready Culture: The staff of the 12th Grade Academy will continue the work to assist students in developing goals for life after Panorama High School. Staff will work with students on their projects and college applications as students transition to the post-secondary world.
According to the Class of 2012 Senior Survey: 84 out of 340 students will attend a 4-year college-; 206 out of 340 will attend community college; 7 out of 340 will attend trade school; 8 out of 340 will join the military; and 35 out of 340 will join the work force.
Vertical Aspects:- Completion of A-G requirements for grade level
College Preparation: 100% participation in AP exams. Applications to 4-year colleges.
School-wide: Collaboration with the College Counselor
Senior Projects